Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet Reggie!

Well you guessed it, we broke down and got us another dog, Reggie. The past few days Cory has been looking for a little boxer boy and found one on Wednesday night. He must have had a side conversation with his mom about getting a dog and his concern of keeping it in a kennel all day as a puppy. She said she would watch him during the days and even meet me at the front of Kingwood each morning to pick him up.

We had dinner plans that evening with the Carpenters who just got done with the puppy stage and reminded me why I didn’t want one, but that didn’t stop us so we headed to the house with the pups. I asked Cory if he had cash, expecting him to say no because we don’t carry cash (we love AMEX points), and he said yes! Clearly he had it in his mind we were getting a new boy!

We arrived at the house and they brought two boys in to see us, who were little but of course adorable. The wife kept telling the husband there was a 3rd male go get it. Like most women, when we know something is there we might as well go look/get it ourselves. She brought in our boy Reggie, who looked much bigger than the rest. The mom had 12 puppies, which was by accident, the owner’s sister came over with their boxer and something happened and now there were puppies! It took us forever to decide which one and during the process I broke down and started crying. I missed my Buddy. After going back and forth and almost walking off with two different ones, I let Cory have the final decision, he chose Reggie.

As we were headed home we realized we needed puppy food so we found a Petsmart and ended up with puppy food (hard & wet), puppy shampoo, and puppy pads. We get to the card and Petsmart is closed and we realized we forgot to get Sam food…oops, so Cory ran back in and got some.

We finally got home and let Sam come in the front yard to see Reggie (who was nameless until Thursday morning). He gave him a sniff and moved on to use the bathroom.

We had bath time and he whined like a baby until Cory was in the tub with him. After the bath he crashed for the night, first on the couch and then we moved him to his bed, next to our bed. Amazingly he slept through the night with no crying or accidents…I’m scared we are jinxing ourselves by bragging about this!

I’m hesitant on posting this because we want to surprise my family this weekend but I doubt they read this blog. So meet Cory’s new sparkle of his eye, Reggie, but one that will never replace the old sparkle, our baby boy Buddy.