Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Month Later...

Wow so much has happened in the past month. Here is a LONG update on Baby O and our little Reginald.

Monday, October 18th was CHAOS for our family of four. We woke up early to take Reggie to the doctor since his foot/leg was leaking stuff out that smelt unbearable. We had to drop him off and let the doctors evaluate his condition. Meanwhile, we rushed to our 'Baby O' appointment to find out the sex and health of the baby.

After waiting patiently we were finally getting an ultrasound done and got the exciting news, 'It's a BOY!' We were so happy, me because I'm not the girly type and Cory because his checkbook will still be in the black and not adding to the drama of our little family.

As we are waiting for Dr. Balat to come in that wonderful husband of mine decides he doesn't want to name him the name we have had picked out for 4 months! As I'm sitting there in a blank stare at him, he comes up with a name. I'm still staring at him but with more of an 'are you kidding me' stare. Where does he come up with these random thoughts and names? So yes, we are having a boy and no, we don't have a name for our sweet boy. The doctor finally comes in and reviews Baby O's measurements/tests and everything looked great/normal (whatever that is). In the meantime I will pray for a strong boy name and have the faith God will see it through.
Now we are off back to Reggie's doctor for an update. Due to Reggie's continuous movements on his leg, his splint is shifting and rubbing a wound (hole) in his leg. Since the doctor couldn't leave it exposed until we got back he showed us pictures of it, disgusting! Now we aren't concerned at all with the broken leg because if this doesn't get better it can lead to amputation! The doctor decided to remove the splint and leave the wound wrapped up with stitches along with the infected foot that was extremely swollen and looked like raw meat and explained he is to have NO activity, aka dog rest. I wasn't sure how that would happen but thankfully I had to work 12+ hour days at my company’s golf tournament all week so he was bound to the kennel.

I guess kennel time is paying off! A week later, he went in for a checkup and we were told things are looking much better. Finally we are seeing the light! Well we thought we were, then we are told the pad on his foot has 'fluffed' and he needs to come back in tomorrow to be sedated and have it cleaned out. That day came and he got more stitches and told no activity again, but things are looking better.

I've skipped many appointments through this blog and have tried to remember to take pictures of every color cast, splint and wrap he has had to show the number of times he has gone to the doctor. I think they are running out of colors because we have duplicated colors but here is a list thus far: blue, green, pink, yellow, blue, green, blue, fluorescent orange, yellow, blue, green, yellow, yellow, fluorescent orange…you get my drift! We were told he had to come in everyday that week to have a check-up. CHAOS I tell you, CHAOS!

So at that point I have had no time to think about my excitement with Baby O being a boy, had time to debate with my hubby on a name or much less thought about how I want the room. Of course I'm stoked about first God answering our prayers and blessing us with a baby boy and second being a mom to something with two legs, but again God knew what we could handle and gave us a boy, one who doesn't require a decked out room or any of the details little girls come with.

Throughout the next two weeks my belly grew! After being back in the office my colleagues who hadn't heard about me expecting were shocked to see a HUGE bump (it makes me feel good to call it that still). I feel great, just a little winded at times especially bending over to put on the plastic cover on Reggie’s foot before he goes outside each time.

After taking Reggie to the doctor everyday for almost 2 weeks, we were getting a day off because he was doing so well. After each appointment, Grandma Charlotte picks him up and goes home with her. She’s been such a lifesaver during this chaos and deserves an award especially after this story. That day she takes Reggie out to potty and comes back inside. She is taking off his leash and now his plastic cover and Reggie sees the door open goes to paw at it and takes off running down the driveway and through the mud. I get a call at work and it is the very irate Grandma Charlotte and she is telling me this story but I have to cut her off because I was in a meeting. After my meeting finished, I called Cory and asked what happened he tells me and we both bust out laughing. Just thinking about how mad she was is still so funny to this day especially when she still hadn’t caught him yet. She was done chasing after him and trying to lure him with a treat she went inside and shut the door. He would come to the backdoor and look at her and she would go towards the door and he would bolt again. She finally caught the ‘little bastard’ and called me to tell me she was taking him back to the doctor and I could pick him up there. I called the vet and told him a very angry Grandma was coming in with Reggie and that I would pick him up after work. After work I went to get the ‘little bastard’ and the receptionist was laughing and told me how mad my Mother in law was.

Fast forward and we are now 22 weeks and have finally agreed on a name…drum roll please…Carter Reid Ormsby! I have always loved the name Carter for a boy but love it for a girl too (especially since one of our good girlfriends name is Carter). Reid is Cory’s middle name and Cory’s late father’s middle name. I love initials and want to pass down a Galligan tradition of having the same initials as our parents.

I don’t know how many times I was asked if I had felt Baby O yet, but finally I felt the little man last week. I was laid up in bed with a migraine and felt something, not knowing if that was gas or what everyone had been calling a ‘flutter’ I continued to lay there hoping to feel it again. It happened, over and over again. Such a cool experience, but I couldn’t get too excited since I was feeling like death.

Reggie went in and had his leg x-rayed and the broken leg still isn’t healed, we have 2 more weeks of restricted activity. They removed the bandage for his paw and have put him in a lampshade (e-collar) to keep him from licking the pad and causing moisture to get in and for the pad to open up again. We go back Friday and hopefully we don’t have to go back in between there and can catch that break finally.

So do you think we have lived an exciting and chaotic last month?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reggie update

He is walking, trotting, sitting and laying much better these days. He seems to be a little depressed but I think it is due to him being constrained.
I took Reggie in on Wednesday and we received good and bad news. Good news, he is out of his full cast and is in a splint in less than a week. The doctor thinks this might be more comfortable for him and he seems to be doing much better. His leg is still wrapped like a cast but there is only half in there. Bad news, he got an infection on his paw and it is nasty looking. I left the bag cover (which was to be worn outside in the wet, not 24/7 per the doctor) on and moisture got in and now has an infection on his paw. This is another reason why we have the half cast on. He not only has an infection but he was eating his cast on the top part so the doctor is making him wear this ridiculous lamp shade that he HATES. I’m not sure who hates it more, him or Grandma Charlotte, since Grandpa Marshall and her decided to take it off him and sit with him in their front yard and watch him the entire time so he didn’t have to wear it. He isn’t spoiled. Here is a picture of his 3rd cast, now a pink/red with green clover on it.
We go back to the doctor on Friday to get another follow-up, especially on the paw. I wonder what color we will get next...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reggie update

The past few nights have been horrible. I think we are being tested on parenthood by only getting 2-3 hours of sleep and not knowing how to help this lil boy in pain. He cried continuously. We try to cuddle with him, pet him but nothing seems to help him.
I took him back Friday morning to the doctor and told him that he was continuously crying and he said sometimes their leg is swells after they put the cast on and it gets too tight for them causing pain. They took off his cast and gave him a larger one that happens to be green and say ‘I Love U’ in pink on it. He is his mother’s child, Delta Zeta colors! He told me I can up his pain dosage and that he might just be wimpy, he is still a puppy.

We left and he was drugged and sleepy. I thought things were going great until 30 minutes later when he woke up and continuously started crying again. It is crazy that he is in this much pain and nothing is helping him.
Fast forward a couple of days and we have had some sleepless nights. He is on 24 hour care and seems to be worse during the evening time. He is getting used to his ‘peg leg’ which is great since my back was starting to hurt picking him up 20+ times a day. We go back on Wednesday for a check-up and hopefully by then he will be feeling much better.
We are praying for some type of comfort for him quickly.
I have captured every moment of this accident (besides the fall):

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Broken Leg...

At 6:45 this morning Reggie was walking around the bed and slipped and fell off the bed. Cory heard a snap and he instantly was crying so loud. We quickly turned on the light and there he was laying on his bed holding his leg up, shaking and crying continuously.
We went to his vet and the doctor told us she thinks he broke his leg or tore his ACL. At this time Reggie is in so much pain he is crying louder and louder. She said she recommends we take him to the specialist and let them do the x-rays and access him. She called the doctor there and he told her what pain medi to give him to get him comfortable.
We arrived at NHVS and Dr. Payne, yes the name worried Cory too, was very comforting. He said Reggie was in too much pain to have a torn ACL and that is highly unlikely in dogs his age, almost 6 months old, he thought he broke his leg. He recommended sedating him and then doing x-rays, which would take an hour, so we could discuss our options.
We ran to get something to eat and hurried back and the doctor said he did break his leg, but didn’t need surgery. Whew, a couple of the $ signs came down in my hubby’s eyes. They didn’t want to wait for us and have to sedate Reggie again later so they went ahead and put a cast on him. He is currently recovering from the being sedated and will get to come home tonight!
Reggie will be in a cast for 4 weeks and then a splint for a couple more and will have minimal activity. This is going to be so tough since he loves playing with his brother. Join in with us and pray for a speedy recovery and for Reggie’s comfort during this time.