Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 17, 2010

28 week check-up

We went in for our measuring ultrasound today and overall Carter is right on target. He is 2 lbs and some change, 148 heartrate and head a little over 3 inches (which is a lil larger than normal, must be his brain). I don't remember much, it happens all so quickly.
One 'minor' concern is swelling of one of Carter's kidneys. He appears to have urine blockage, I believe it is called hydronephrosis. Dr. Balat doesn't seem as concerned because this condition often goes away while in the womb. We will continue to monitor his kidneys at the 9 month u/s and another after he is born to determine the next step, if one is needed at all.
I've lost 2 pounds, I think we can blame that on the nasty virus I had last week. I'm measuring 2 days earlier but that is about it. Carter was cute as can be sticking his tongue out at us, showing us his little but long fingers and all his little toe toes. He appears to have some hair but can only imagine more will grow, a lot more judging by his father and mother...he will be a baby chiapet!
Here are some of the ultrasound pictures.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carter & Baby Pate Pics

You may know my best friend, Alex Pate, but for those that don't we have known each other since high school, were roommates in college and will be life long friends. In 1999 we thought it would be so cute to get Christmas pictures made of us and our Rottweilers (Ramsey and Niner). We went out bought matching shirts and Uncle Armando took our photos. We loved them! We bought enough to send to every friend and family member we could think of.

I know, awful haircut for me!!

I couldn't resist taking pictures of us both pregnant to add to the collage of pictures so before Baby Pate arrives we took a couple quick shots. Jon and Alex aren't finding out the sex so it will be very interesting to see what Baby Pate is because we are thinking it is a girl from the difference in the way we are carrying these kiddos.

Alex is 36 weeks and I'm 26 weeks: