Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

15 weeks

I had a doctor appointment on Monday and everything went well. They use a Doppler on me to hear the babys heartbeat, they don’t do an ultrasound after the big 12 week ultrasound, and at first it was taking the nurse some time to find the lil peanut. Finally she went lower and BAM there it was, a sigh of relief came out of her mouth…that was a tad scary. Anyways, the heartbeat was good. The doc came in and he decided to do an ultrasound so I got a picture of the lil guy. No it isn't a boy, I just say he. He was waving and then started kicking so they are surprised I haven’t felt him yet. The first part of the down syndrome test came back clear so the next part (spina bifida) will be done at the 19 week appt. So I go back on the 10/18/10 for the test and the ultrasound to find out what we are having!! SUPER EXCITING!!

Here are pics of the bump at week 15:

oh goodness this thing is getting huge:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

13 weeks

Meet Baby O:

Check out my legs, I'm definitely going to be a soccer player:

Just floating in here and getting bigger:

I finally got around to posting some pictures of the little one now that 'it' looks like an actual baby. So fun! I wish I could say this pregnancy thing is fun, but gosh it has been tough. I was sick for almost a month with an upper respiratory infection and have been diagnosed with chronic migraines within the past month. I'm not taking any medicine now for my migraines, but did receive some shot to help num the pain and I think it did the trick for a day or so. However, the migraines are back and we are praying I get some relief soon from them.

On to the exiting news, Baby O is growing and we heard 'its' heartbeat last Monday. Baby O's heartbeat was at 156. Some say it is a girl and some say it is a boy, I wish someone would tell me for sure! We were told the expected date of delivery has been moved to March 11, 2011 (my best guy friend, Michael's b-day), but that date always changes. Thankfully! :) Baby O was very tired during the ultrasound so the tech, Ms. Stephanie, had to bang on 'it' to wake 'it' up. After that you couldn't stop 'it' from moving, stretching, boxing and kicking. After seeing the lil one on the ultrasound, Cory and I are getting more excited.

We are headed back to the doctor on Monday and will update you with any exciting news. I'll leave you with pictures of the ever growing belly. Here are pictures from week 13 and 14. My wonderful, supportive, encouraging husband said to me the other night before bed, 'Wow! That thing is getting BIG!' He is bound to win husband of the year! I'm having a difficult time understanding why I'm so big so quickly so if you were showing this much, please let me know so I can feel better. :)

Week 13 - super excited about doing this:

Week 14

Yes, Alex I know...lalala connect the dots...lalala..